BUDDY by Andreu Carulla

Buddy is freedom and dynamism. A portable light fixture with no cables, no ties, no limits. It is the perfect complement to your lifestyle.

Andreu Carulla, its designer, was inspired by the old lanterns of the 80s and 90s to bring such a personal object to life and to restore that emotional bond with the object. The shape of Buddy is inspired by the legendary R95 bulb, restoring its classic and simple silhouette for vintage lovers.

With Buddy, you can take light wherever you go thanks to its multifunctIonal design. Buddy seeks to restore that multifunction and versatility with a more emotional and aesthetic design.

Three types of light

Buddy offers you three ways to light up by simply pressing its switch:

  • Top light (lantern function). Ideal for lighting while you read or when you wake up at midnight.
  • Bottom light (environmental light). It is the touch of light you need during a dinner in the garden or a picnic on the beach.
  • Top and bottom light. If you need more light, you can always choose this option.

Multi-award winning design:


Portable lamps

Portable lamps and table lamps for indoors with magnetic charger:

  1. BUDDY green portable lamp
  2. BUDDY grey portable lamp
  3. BUDDY blue portable lamp